With all the rave surrounding CBD and its benefits, we wanted to see for ourselves what potential CBD had for sleep. We started with known brands and realized some mixed results. We also surveyed many individuals using CBD and asked what their experiences were. We learned tinctures were hard to use. Salves we too greasy. Pills were undesirable. The amount of CBD in these products were all over the board, and many people we spoke with simply didn’t know which products to trust. We also realized most CBD sleep products included melatonin, and that was another negative.

We realized there had to be a better way. So, we began creating our own product. We started with researching the best antioxidant creme. Creme that had natural and organic ingredients and not just full of chemicals and marketing hype. We then researched and interviewed CBD manufacturers to find the world’s best CBD. Not the cheapest, the best!

Finally, we sourced the highest quality essential oils to create our scent profiles.

After months of research and countless hours of development, we had our finished product: the world’s best CBD-infused sleep creme! We made samples and handed them out freely to friends, family and others who struggled with a good night’s sleep. The results were staggering. Reports were coming in daily of better sleep, ease with falling back to sleep once awakened, more dreams, feeling completely refreshed in the morning, and so many more.

The secret to our creme is creating an extremely quality product that people want to use and actually works! And HeroCreme proved to be that product.

HeroCreme doesn’t cause drowsiness, use drugs or even hormones. HeroCreme effectively relaxes your mind and body so your body can do exactly as it is designed to do at night – SLEEP!

Let’s face it. You can buy all the pillows and expensive sheets you want, and all will claim to help you sleep better. However, studies indicate that between 50 to 70 million adults in the USA struggle with sleep. And millions take sleep medications that may be hurting them in other ways.

Imagine a better night’s sleep! Imagine easily falling back to sleep if you wake up in the night. Imagine waking up feeling rested and ready to face the day. This is all possible with HeroCreme.

What do you have to lose but another night’s sleep?